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Heirloom Indian Folk
Tue Aug 28, 7:30 PM
Runki Goswami
This is a concert celebrating heirloom Indian Folk in its unique and original form. . Indian folklore and folk music is classical talent which many Indians remain unaware of. Given how vast and diverse the country is, and the fact that at about every 100 kilometers a different dialect is spoken, its musical traditions have been woefully neglected for lack of interest, knowledge and touristic value.It is my humble effort to revive and keep true Indian folk music alive not only in India but also on the international diaspora. My music concerts are just not about singing, but narrating the history and interpretation of every pastoral folk rendition accompanied by authentic instrumentals. In this particular concert, I will take the audience through a journey from North to South India through folk music in its original language. I would be singing almost 20 folk songs in 10+ different languages.I had first done this concert in India International Centre in Delhi, followed by yet another detailed version of it in India High Commission London. I now want to spread awareness around Indian folk and take it within Indian and abroad.