Addabaazi on Rafale Deal, Talk on Bhagat Singh.

Addabaazi on Rafale Deal
 September 27, 2018 7:30 pm Thursday.
We are witnessing the biggest scam of Indian History today in the name of Rafale scam.

1) No. of Aircrafts suddenly reduced from 126 to 36 numbers

2) Abnormal increase of price per aircraft from 715 crores to 1650 crore

3) No make in India, HAL threw out and Ambani included with a huge order worth 21000 crores served on his platter.

In order to discuss this all-time biggest scam by the present Modi government in detail, you all are invited to ADDABAZI discussion at Lamakaan The topic will be discussed in depth by all the participants. The discussion will be led by Parag.  ALL ARE WELCOME!!!


Talk on Bhagat Singh
 September 28, 2018 6:30 pm Friday

Relevance of Bhagat Singh today – understanding a revolutionary on his 110th anniversary


Samahaara present’s , Two  Silver Jubilee Shows @ LAMAKAAN.


Samahaara present’s , Two  Silver Jubilee Shows @ LAMAKAAN.

 “LAST WISH BABY” A Hilarious Multilingual SatireAn adaptation of William Seebring’s play “The Original Last Wish Baby”Directed by : Rathna Shekar Reddy

Date: 22nd Sep 2018 Time: 7.30 pm Venue: Lamakaan, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. Entry by Donation Rs.200/

The Last Wish Baby is a satire which explores the lunacy that surrounds any media-driven issue today.The play begins with the birth of a baby without a heart, yet miraculously alive.The media of the entire country goes into a frenzy covering this new piece of sensational news.

A medical marvel turns into a media saga of the infant’s journey now known as the Last Wish Baby. Everyone uses this news for their own ends. However, the heart is found, a separate woman having given birth to it. A clash between the mothers, another media circus.

From “A laugh riot” to “A must-watch”, this play is back on popular demand.


 Swadesh Deepak’s “COURT MARTIAL” A Sensational path-breaking play in Hindi, Directed by Rathna Shekar

Date: 23rd Sep 2018 Time: 7.30pm Venue: Lamakaan, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. Entry by donation Rs.200/- Available at

 Court Martial is a gripping, engrossing and powerful play written by Swadesh Deepak. More than Five thousand shows of this play have been performed across the country by various theatre groups. Great performances, hard hitting dialogues, intense dramatic moments and a fantastic climax make this play one of the most performed Hindi plays in the last 25 years.

Court Martial is the story of a recruit Ramchandar who is accused of killing his senior officer and injuring another. Ramchandar’s trial brings startling facts into light that questions the norms of society. This Court Martial is presided by war veteran Col. Surat Singh, accustomed to the brutality of life but is left completely unarmed and broken during the course of this trial. Ramchandar’s trial is not only a fight for his life but a fight for a bigger truth. A truth that is more important than his own life.



Remembering Operation Polo.

Remembering Operation Polo

16th September, Sunday @ 07:30 PM 

On September 17, 1948, the Indian army which was sent by the government had taken over the princely state of Hyderabad. Titled ‘Operation Polo’ and known as ‘Police Action’, the event annexed areas of present day Maharashtra and Karnataka, which were then under Hyderabad, to the Indian union.

The operation was initiated after Osman Ali Khan, the last and seventh monarch of the Asaf Jahi dynasty was deliberating between joining the Indian union and staying independent.

Anything but a simple takeover, Operation Polo had resulted in thousands of deaths, apparently at the hands of the Indian army (preceded by bouts of violence against citizens by the militia Razakaars run by Kasim Razvi, who later became the leader of the MIM). September 17 this year marks 70 years since the incident took place.

Mr. Burugula Narsing Rao (86) , then a college student, and someone who witnessed the murder of journalist Shoaibullah Khan (by the Razakaars) and what had transpired during the period will be speaking at Lamakaan on the occasion. So come join us for a discussion.

Free Entry…

Preserving Charminar. August 24th, 7:30 PM, Friday.

Preserving Charminar from Encroachments

2018 marks 500 years since the Qutb Shahi dynasty was established in 1518 by Sultan Quli Qutb Shah. And 73 years later, his grandson and fourth king of the dynasty founded the city of Hyderabad, with the iconic Charminar being its foundation. Built to mark the new city’s beginning and the end of a supposed plague, the edifice today is Hyderabad’s face.

And 427 years since it was constructed, the Charminar has witnessed the city grow around it, having seen the end of two dynasties. But over time, the iconic structure has been subject to encroachments and disturbances, in spite of it being a national monument protected by the Archaeological Survey of India. While that in itself is not something new, how it has happened over time will is something we as citizens should look at, especially in terms of protecting our heritage.

And to understand that, or guest speaker will be Mr. Milan Kumar Chauley, who is the Superintending Archaeologist with the ASI, looking after all the national monuments in both Andhra and Telangana. Mr. Chauley will deliver a talk and also make a presentation about the Charminar and its surrounding encroachments.

About the speaker: Mr. Milan Kumar Chauley first joined service as a Documentation Officer with Delhi government’s archaeology department in 2002. He joined the ASI in 2003, working for its excavation branch in Bhubaneshwar and Delhi. In 2012, Mr. Chauley became a Superintending Achaeologist directly after writing the UPSC exam, following which he was appointed to the Telangana/AP circle as the same in 2017.


Qawwali – Warsi Brothers

Qawwali – Warsi Brothers

March 13, 2010

This was the first performance of Lamakaan – March 13th, 2010. A fabulous evening, just go past the shaky initial bits of the video.

Judicial Crisis – Talk by L Ravichander

Judicial Crisis – Talk by L Ravichander

December 15, 2017

What are the challenges before judiciary that has led to the crisis of 2017? Ravichander explains this brilliantly.

L Ravichander, senior counsel with the High Court of AP/TS. He is a speaker, writer, film critic, quizer, speaker.

Pantomime – Irshad Panjatan

Pantomime – Irshad Panjatan

July 6th, 2012

Irshad Panjatan, the internationally celebrated pantomime was in Hyderabad on a personal visit. He performed at Lamakaan in 2012.  This demo-lecture covers what mime is and does. From funny to sad, slapstick to critical, he does it all.