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Kuch Kahi - Kuch Ankahi
Sun May 20, 8:00 PM
It is often the complexity of our problems, the hardships that we triumph upon, that makes life worthy of living, that gives us experiences to learn from, stories to share. 

Wouldn't it thus be interesting, to watch what happens when unique individuals with incredibly unique personalities chance upon an unexpected meeting one fine evening?
What stories would emerge when the very nature of humanity is discussed and presented via unique experiences. Anecdotes that remind us of the humanity we are all a part of, stories that teach, entertain, yet intrigue. For when the topic is as complex as life itself, words may not always be said. Kuch Kahi - Kuch Ankahi?  

This Play Is written and developed by all the actors and Krishna Shukla

Directed By Krihsna Shukla
Passes - 200/-
Actors - Rohit Chowhan, Kratika, Mihir Hariyal, Sanjay, Teja, Yaseen Sarwat