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Create an Event

We invite you to talk, perform, discuss or gather. Is there a cause, a movement that you work for? Lamakaan is a democratic, progressive, critical, public space that will encourage you.

It is for Free
Lamakaan has no charge for use of the place at all. Lights, sound, helping hands, are all available at no cost if you event is approved.

Understand the deal
While there is no limit on what you can do. There are several do-s and don’t-s.  Understand these before you apply for an hosting an event at Lamakaan.

  • No sponsored events. Events that are funded by businesses are not allowed. The event cannot have any banner, poster that mentions any corporate entity or business.
  • It is your event. Lamakaan only provides physical infrastructure and help. What you say, do and perform at Lamakaan is entirely your responsiblity.
  • Curators will decide. Curators are an independent body of experts in their own fields. Every request for an event is passed to a curator to decide if the event can be happen at Lamakaan. Sometimes, this process may take a while.
  • Take your things back. Any stage props, banners, material that you bring with you should be taken back with you the same day. Things left behind will be sent in trash premises by the end of the day.
  • Clean up your act. After your event, stow back the chairs and other things used at Lamakaan. We are short on staff.
  • Not outside food, beverages. You may not bring in any beverages, food, disposable cutlery, etc. for the event. Only food and beverages from Lamakaan’s canteen maybe served. The only exception to this is a cookery event where the food is cooked during your event.
  • Only the house sound and lights. You are not allowed to bring in your own sound system or lights. Meet the manager to find out your needs of sound system for your event.
  • Keep the volume Low. Lamakaan is an open space, so the sound travels and neighbours can get disturbed. Lamakaan serves the right to ask you to cut down the volume to what it thinks is a reasonable level during the event.
  • Talk to the Manager. At least a week before the event, talk to the manager for your specific requirements of sound, light, refreshments and the arrangments. We cannot handle last minute requests.

Lamakaan is closed for events on Monday. Please note the spelling of Lamakaan. Please use the exact same spelling in all communication.

General rules:

  • All events have to be open for all. They cannot be invite-only.
  • Events with corporate sponsorship are not allowed
  • Ticket for any event cannot exceed Rs. 100. The charges for classes and workshops can vary however.
  • Sale of any material is NOT permitted in the premises. Only the works of the performer(s)/artist(s) who are at the event can be sold.
  • To conduct any meetings with greater than 10-15 people please inform us in advance.
  • An exact same event cannot be repeated in 6 months. However, it can be organized back to back.
  • An event request can be done only two months before the event date. For example, for an event in April, one can apply only in February.
  • One theater can book only one Saturday or one Sunday in a month. This is to cater weekends to as many different groups as possible. Week days (Tue-Fri) however, can be booked up to two per month.

Organizers are expected:

  • To set up and manage the ticket counter for any ticketed events.
  • To chip in with the arrangements of the event. Lamakaan is a not-for-profit organization and is typically short of man power.
  • To have visited the venue prior to the event.
  • To arrive at the venue at least one hour before the scheduled time of the event.

Charges for utilization of the space:

  • No charge for events that do not charge attendees.
  • Rs. 500 for events with entry fee less than or equal Rs. 50.
  • Rs. 1000 for events with entry fee greater than Rs. 50 and less than or equal to Rs. 100.
  • Rs. 150 for every 2 hours to utilize the space for rehearsals.
  • Rs. 150 per hour to conduct classes or workshops.

If you agree to these terms, click on the button below to proceed to our admininistration website