What’s Lamakaan About?

What’s Lamakaan About?

Welcome to Lamakaan – Hyderabad’s Open cultural center. We hope you enjoy being here. Though a fun place, Lamakaan is also serious about being Inclusive, Liberal, Open, Green and Friendly.

Folks @ Lamakaan

The Lamakaan regulars are a friendly lot, f
eel free to talk and mingle.
Many come to Lamakaan write,  create or just sit and think.  Give space to those who need it.

Events @ Lamakaan
Lamakaan has an incredibly packed  schedule of events. Upcoming events are on the blackboard at the entrance.  Pick something that catches your eye.
The list of upcoming events is on this website.

Like us on facebook.com/lamakaan  to stay abreast of upcoming events.

Events are mostly free though some organizers (mostly the Plays) may charge nominally to cover their costs.

The Cafe
Lamakaan is known for tasty samosas,  mirchi, neembu pani and chai. Try them. They are cooked in our open kitchen  using locally sourced ingredients.

We do not serve any bottled drinks. We do not use packaged water or alcohol.  We believe that our filtered and sterilized  water is as safe as it gets. We like to keep our snacks as affordable as possible.

Do something
We invite you to talk, perform, discuss or gather.  Is there a cause, a movement that you work for? Lamakaan is a democratic, progressive, critical, public space that will encourage you.

Drop us a mail at lamakaan@gmail.com or just book your slot from www.lamakaan.com. All events must be open to all and signed off through our body of independent curators.

Take charge: Lamakaan is self regulated and self served.
After finishing your chai, please drop your empty cup back into the tub next to the kitchen.  If you find dishes lying around, we will thank you for dropping them back at the kitchen as well.

Drop some Money: Lamakaan does not accept any help from either
government, corporate or any other agency. We survive with your contributions.
Do drop some money into the box at the kitchen counter.
We really need the dough.

Free Wifi Lamakaan has free wifi. Ask around for the key
or enquire at the kitchen.

Rules of Lamakaan

  1. Lamakaan runs on a very tight budget: Please clean up behind you. After your chai and samosa, return the plats back to the kitchen. If you can, do wipe the table clean for the next person. If you see anything spilled or broken, please report it to the kitchen.
  2. Share: Lamakaan has shared Wifi, compact spaces and limited seating. Share these. Gather all your stuff together giving space to others. Turn off your bit-torrents. We would like you to help us by being considerate towards the neighbours and the traffic around our area.
  3. No Parking of 4 wheelers in the lane: There’s absolutely no parking for 4 wheelers anywhere along the Lamakaan lane. Traffic police has declared the Lamakaan lane as a no-parking zone for cars and other 4 wheelers.
    Those coming to Lamakaan should park their cars further down the lane going down to Jalagam Vengalrao Park and at the parking space. Follow the parking attendant’s instructions, please.
  4. Parking of 2 wheelers: Bikes are allowed only on the pavement on the side of Lamakaan. No parking is allowed on the opposite side. If you don’t find enough space here, go down the lane towards the jalagam Vengal Rao Park and park such that you don’t block traffic or any by-lanes.
    If do not follow the parking rules and the parking attendant’s advice you will not be allowed inside Lamakaan. Those are the rules imposed upon us. Please co-operate with us.
  5. Smoking: Lamakaan being a public space, has to enforce a strict no-smoking rule. We are principally opposed to any kind of imposition of individual right to smoke, drink or eat by their own choice. However, the current law has to be adhered to. Those found smoking on the premises will be asked to leave. Those found smoking outside may be reported to the police by neighbours. So, please restrain yourself from smoking when you visit Lamakaan.
  6. Outside Food and beverages: Lamakaan serves very delicious, clean, locally grown, largely organic food and beverages. We maintain an open kitchen with good hygiene. We do not serve alcohol or any packaged and aerated soft drinks. Instead, we have clean and filtered water, chai, coffee, butter milk, nimbu pani etc. For the sake of food safety, we have a strict rule against outside food and beverages. Do not consume your own cakes, drinks, snacks, etc. at Lamakaan. If you are paranoid about water, you can bring your own water though we insist that our water is as clean and perfectly safe.