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Water Coloring Workshop
Sun May 27, 4:30 PM
Faraaz Farshori
Urban sketchers how intimidating it can be to start a new medium. We also know how it feels to deny your inner artist, doubt yourself, and deal with stress and anxiety and how as kids and parents you feel anxious about adopting art and coloring as a profound hobby.

We’ve created the Water color Workshop at Lamakaan. A place where kids (7+ years) and their parents can become experienced with watercolors and improve their skills and painting techniques so they gain the confidence to paint fearlessly. Limited to 20 seats only and INR 100 per entry (only material cost)

We will help you overcome the fear of trying new things by letting you take the first step without being judged.

You can learn how to water color paint at your own pace in your relaxed home environment and connect with others just like you through our Facebook and whatsapp group.