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Kissa Andher Nagri Ka
Sun Nov 4, 7:30 PM
Shudrka Hyderabad
The play is about a disciple who despite the many warnings of his teacher ventures into a dark town ruled by a very foolish ruler. In this town, he discovers that the inhabitants are equally foolish. An incident follows a bizarre blame game which almost costs the disciple his life.

This play uses ironic humour as a powerful resource to uncover the absurdities of India’s social and political systems: political corruption, exploitation and historical manipulation. In a tense environment where humour might not seem appropriate, Bharatendu masterfully uses and critically examines it as a means to ridicule bureaucracy and the establishment, questioning in a caustic way people's conformity and passivity.

This script, though constructed on Bharatendu’s play, takes support of Tagore’s songs, poems of Sukumar Ray - the king of nonsense rhymes in Bengali, and Telugu folktales. The play appeals to audiences of all ages