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Make in India: Is it a PR Stunt?
Wed Aug 15, 11:00 AM
Gouraravaram Rajasekhar
Talk and Debate-India’s Foreign Policy implications to the Make in India

GreatGameIndia (GGI) is a quarterly magazine on international affairs providing global intelligence through strategic analysis by placing events in a geopolitical and historical framework to better understand international developments and the world around us. Great Game India has a worldwide media presence with exposure in a number of leading reputed international publications worldwide from Canada, Russia, United States, India, France, Denmark, China etc.

Description: As India moves towards the new world order of Globalization and Liberalization, we take note of its implications to the concepts the freedom movement was shaped on, Swaraj and Swadeshi Movement. Are we really reaching a stage where these morals are being compromised for the sake of moving ahead in the modern world? What do we lose? What do we gain?

Indian freedom development has enlivened numerous nations like Japan, Germany, Singapore and so forth, those countries have developed tremendously over the past decades whereas India was the biggest and most critical settlement of the British Empire for that India was called as 'Jewel in the Crown' and now we couldn't even make it to the first world. On-set of this GGI wants to initiate talk and debate on where India headed since Independence and where other nations who are inspired from us have reached on this voyage of accomplishing Swaraj-Self Sustainability.

Key Points

•Introduction to History
•Difference between dominion status and Independence
•Independence and freedom-two sides of the coin
•How the future and growth of other countries can be an ‘unseen threat’
•Current scenario of the nation
•Where are we losing focus

‘We can't build the future for youth but we can build our youth for the future’

Gouravaram Rajasekhar: Co-founder & Editor of Great Game India Magazine. His area expertise is in researching Economic Warfare, Electronic Warfare, Counter-terrorism methods, Illegal Drugs, Arms Deals, Diamonds Geostrategic implications, Intelligence Gathering – ways trends doctrines future implications, Theory & Practice in the containment of 3rd Generation Cyber Warfare and 5th Generation people’s wars.
Shelley Kasli: Co-founder & Editor of Great Game India Magazine. He is counter-Terror and Intelligence Specialist he is a most sought after Business Consultant with experience in Strategy Development; providing insights with real-time information, tactical monitoring and actionable recommendations his expertise lay in providing an intelligence umbrella with comprehensive security and risk management solutions.
Lalataksh Reddy: K. Lalataksh Reddy, is the commercial and instructor pilot from Canada and he is expertise in International Relation theories, Geostrategic implications of international trade