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Basic Calligraphy Workshop
Sun Sep 2, 10:30 AM
Discover the world of gorgeous lettering without dip pens or brush pens. Faux calligraphy – calligraphy created with any writing instrument at hand ( regular pen, pencil, chalk etc..), this calligraphy technique will allow you to create beautiful lettering with regular tools at hand; plus develop muscle memory, that will prove to be of much use on pursuance of dip pen calligraphy.
What you’ll learn:
• Faux calligraphy ( majuscles as well as miniscules) worksheets + exemplar
• Different writing styles using faux calligraphy technique ( worksheets will be provided)
• At the end of the workshop participants will create a floral wreath with their name in it as a recap of what they learnt in the 3 hour workshop.
FEE- ₹1500
(Age group: 12+)
for registration contact : nsharmila2014@gmail.com