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The Critical Thinking Workshop
Sat Aug 18, 11:30 AM
What separates man from animal? Well, our big brains of course! Our ability to think complex thoughts is what has led to everything that is humanity - from art to engineering, from philosophy to science - thinking is the precursor to all human action.

However, this utterly important skill has never received quite the attention at school, unlike some of the other subject areas mentioned earlier. So, if you've ever felt that you'd like to learn how to improve your ability to think, this workshop is for you.

For the purpose of this workshop we will be focusing on learning how to become critical thinkers. Critical thinking is our ability to think clearly, logically, and in an unbiased manner about any issue at hand. It is also our ability to reflect on our own thinking. Our ability to think critically helps us in every imaginable sphere of life - work, society, and relationships (with others as well as ourselves).

The workshop will talk about: a) What is thinking and what types of thinking happen in our brains, b) What is critical thinking, c) How to become a critical thinker; all this in a fun filled activity based mode.

In addition, you along with other learners from the workshop will be coalesced into a WatsApp learning group for the next one month. Through this learning group, we would help you practice and develop the skills you learn in the workshop and further orient and motivate you towards critical thinking.

Note: This workshop is designed for individuals between the ages of 15 to 27 years. However, you are welcome to attend even if you do not fit this age group.

Please call to register: +91 72599 60408
Fee: Rs.200 per participant