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Thief! Police!
Sun Mar 31, 7:30 PM
In this world where we live, nothing is what it seems - '
जो है वह नहीं है, और जो नहीं है असल में वही है'..this isn't just a mere play of words and yet it is a play after all!
A train; a chain and 11 passengers caught up in the journey to madness and mayhem - oh yes, a thief and police as well!
Confusions and conundrums abound as they all try to answer the question -"Who is the real player after all?!"
Sutradhar brings you its latest workshop production, 'Thief! Police!', a play written by Vijay Tendulkar, which shows us different faces of the society we live in.
The cast and crew of the play comprise of participants of Sutradhar's various workshop productions who will use various dramatic devices, improvisations and employ the art of observation and transformation.