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Skills for Entrepreneurs
Tue Apr 16, 7:30 PM
Prof Kalyan Chakravarthy
Start Ups have become a buzz word in the recent times. Looking at the ups and downs in the field industry experts analysed that young entrepreneurs lack the knowledge, skills and attitude of present unemployed youth, largely clueless, which comes out of various Engg and Management institutions in India. As the industries are less and jobs are few, Start Ups are the only mantra which can help the present generation. Those who realize this definitely need suitable skills before venturing into Start-Ups. In this regard, a session is conceived by Dr Kalyana Chakravarthi, Visiting Professor & Skills Coach, aiming at brainstorming and deliberating on 'Skills for Start-Ups' which provides a platform for youth and individuals to upgrade their knowledge for the present and future needs.

The presenter's professional details can be viewed at: www.skillosophyconsulting.in