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Phad painting workshop
Sat Dec 21, 11:00 AM
Heart for Art trust
Heart for art trust us coming up with a workshop of a traditional art form known as Phad Art Painting workshop by Master artisan Vivek Joshi and Vijay Joshi.
One of the most ancient arts of India, Phad
paintings of the Bhilwara/Shahpura region of
Rajasthan can be traced back to more than 700
years. Phad means ‘to read’ and these paintings
are based on songs of legendary Pabuji and
Devnarayan that are sung by Bhopa singers. The
art known not only for its vibrant colours, but also
the fact that it is accompanied by an oral tradition
of rendering gatha (folklore). Hand-woven cloth is
soaked overnight so that the threads get thicker. It
is then starched, burnished for a smooth and
shiny surface and then the Phad painter draws
the entire narrative on this canvas. The figures
are rounded, wear traditional attire and headgear
and bright colours are used to fill them in. The
colours are painstakingly extracted from natural
sources—stones, flowers, herbs.
About the artist
Vijay & Vivek Joshi, brother duo, are traditional
Phad artists from Shahpura (Bhilwara district) of
Rajasthan. Vijay Joshi is a National Merit Award–
winning artist and member of Virasat: Nonpareil
Shahpura's Phad Painting Training and Research
Institute. The Joshi brother took training in the
Shahpura’s Nonpareil Phad art under the
guidance of their father Shri. Shanti Lal Joshi who
is also a National Award Winner. They
participated in exhibitions in different metro cities
across India as well as in aboard like France,
Singapore and Bogata (Columbia). They make
innovative paintings on Hanuman, Durga and