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Charleys Aunt
Sat Mar 3, 7:30 PM
Jack Chesney and Charley Wyekham are in love. They are desperate to find the most suitable means to declare their love to the beautiful Kitty Verdun and the adorable Amy Spettigue. Mr. Stephen Spettigue, Kitty's guardian and Amy's uncle, loathes the two boys profusely, and has found most effective method to bring an end to this problem, dashing the girls away to Scotland. Fortune favors them, as Old Spettigue is required to make a trip out of town before they leave for Scotland. The boys decide that it is now or never, they must profess their love but just then Charley gets a message from his Aunt, one that he has never met in person till now, is arriving the same day.

Will Old Spettigue return to play spoil sport to their plans? Will Charley's Aunt prove to be boon or bane? Come find out.