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Maa Ooru, & Akruthi - 2 Films
Sun Feb 25, 7:30 PM
Lamakaan hosts a week-long (20th to 25th Feb 2018) film Festival of B.Narasing Rao's classical films.

MAA OORU (MY VILLAGE) (1988) His documentary 'Maa Ooru'--'My village'-- is remniscent of his early years in a sleepy village, where little changed in the caste ridden society. The documentary received the prestigious Media Wave Award at the International Festival of Visual Arts held in Hungary DOCUMENTARY AWARDS Main Prize- Mediawave, International festival of Visual Arts, 1992 Gyor, Hungary National Award, 1989, For the best Anthropological/ Ethnographic Film, India Silver Nandi, 1989, Government of Andhra Pradesh, India Best Photography- Indian Documentary Producers Association (IDPA), Bombay-1989 PARTICIPATION Kala Ghoda Art Festival, Bombay 1999 Ekotop International Film Festival 1995, Brastislavia Ente Mostra Cinematograficia Internazionale 1993, Viterbo, Italy. Rural Images of India, Hyderabad 1992, India. Bombay International Film Festival 1990, India. National Premiers at New Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta - 1989. International premier at Munich Film Fest 1989, Germany.

Another documentary 'Akruti' (shape) is about rock formations. Beautifully captured, it brings out Rao's love for nature. It could pass the test of an international geography documentary. It won the Special Jury Award of the International Film Festival of India and also Silver Nandi Award in 1991. Rao says he owes his diverse talents to his rustic origins--the simplistic lifestyle of that rural folk, the pristine nature around, the naive influences, impressions and beliefs of people from the hinterland. In Telugu cinema circles, Rao is called 'The Killer of Kitsch', or one who goes against the tide.

Open to all and entry is Free.