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‘beyond the horizon beyond’
Sat Feb 17, 7:30 PM
Kala Ramesh
Through the cultural aesthetics of Japan and India, through Zen stories, haiku and haibun weave in and out of abhinaya.
Kala along with three Bharatanatyam dancers, Vrushali Chitaley-Lele, Rama Ajay Kuknur and Manasi Sandeep create magic on the stage!
They will unfold dreaming spaces filled with imagery that captures moments you know but never gave words to …
Welcome to a stream of consciousness.
Revel in the moment of being in the now!
Breathe the freshness in the air!
A brisk 45-minute recital: The Panchabhuta
After this : The book launch of ‘beyond the horizon beyond’.
Nabina Das - a few lines about her will be read by the compère.
Nabina Das will launch the book.
Nabina talks for a few minutes.
Kala Ramesh talks for a few minutes.
The floor is thrown open for Q&A from the audience.