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ADDABAAZI:Make In India EkDhokha
Tue Jan 30, 7:00 PM
Lamakaan Programming Team
As soon as Modi government came to power, it was focused to bring more and more foreign capital into the Indian market. Congress too always looked keen to open up various sectors one by one to bring foreign capital but BJP has taken it many steps forward in last three years. When BJP was in opposition, it opposed the same FDI’s in various sectors but now it is trying to bring more and more of it. What is the reason for this? What will be the impact of this foreign capital infusion into Indian market? BJP has relaxed the labour laws to a very large extent which means the rights of labourers are heavily curtailed. It has also given a lot of impetus for relaxation of rules and procedures for business approvals and has given a clean chit to the businessman for exploitation of various resources like farmland, water bodies, mines etc. BJP is showing a glorious future to everyone by advertising its program of “Make in India”. But with all these major changes, will Make In India benefit the common man and the working class poor of this country? Will such policy enormously benefit the foreign corporates or will it change the lives of the working class people ? Is “make in India” a populist slogan with nothing substantial for the large section of the society?
Lamakaan programming council Is organizing a series of informal discussions and chit-chat under the name “ADDABAAZI”. The topic of Make in India – Ek Dhokha ! is chosen as the first in these series of discussions. So in order to understand the politics and economics around “ Make in India” and discuss it in an informal way, Moderator Mr. Aniket Aalm.
Lamakaan invites all of you on 30th Jan 2018 at 7:00 pm.