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Prarambh - 3 short plays
Fri Mar 23, 8:00 PM
A collection of 3 short plays

"Hawalalat" Written By Sarveshwar Dayal Saxena, Directed by Subhash GuptaHawalaat’, revolves around the story of three youth who have no place since nobody was ready to offer them the shelter and they thought it proper to have the same in a police lock-up. For this they approached a police cop as criminals. In the beginning the cop is not ready to believe in them and asks them to establish their credentials by demonstrating their expertise and past accomplishments in the word of crime. To avoid them, the cop agrees to take them to the lock-up (Hawalaat) after tying their eyes. On the way they talk about political, ideological and social aspects of life and try to explain to the policemen how, like them he is also a mere pawn in the larger system, but he is not convinced. Instead of taking them the police station, the cop keeps them moving at one cross satire on the exploitation of the youth by the people sitting at the helm of affairs. The cop symbolizes the politicians of this country who have been be fooling the youth since Independence. In a highly intellectual manner the playwright has tried to expose the exploitation of the most energetic age group of the country.

"Marnoprant" written by Surendera Verma, directed by Jay Jha revolves around a triangular love story. The playwright unfolds the whole episode after the death of a young lady whose husband and the lover meet for the first time. Their encounter reveals the minute intricacies of man-woman relations and frustrations of extra marital affairs. Both embarrass each other by revealing the intimate moments they shared with the young lady. The dramatic action becomes even more interesting when it is shown that the husband comes to know about the relation after the death of his wife.

"Banerjee Babu", Written by Avinash Matta, Directed by Jay Jha - Nobody loves him, nobody cares for him. They only remember him when they need him to do some work. He is lonely. All he needs is a hug. Will you give it to him?

Cast : Jay Jha, Abhijeet Deshpande, Shailja Chaturvedi, Harshit Maheshwari, Bob Christo, Yaseen Sarwat, Gnandeep Patlola, Rohit Chouhan

Passes - 150/-
Contact - 9700074079