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Roof Top Gardening
Sun Feb 4, 1:00 PM
Street Cause Eforce
"STREET CAUSE EFORCE" is an environmental wing of STREET CAUSE, one of the largest student run NGO's in our city which works for the betterment of the society in various aspects. As a part of EFORCE, we deal with the environmental issues.
We try to instill a sense of responsibility among the children towards the environment that aims to spread awareness about the importance of our environment and strive to bring about a change to improve the present conditions. We have learnt that, we students are the crucial ones who can create a major impact on increasing greenery and initiating activities that help in protecting environment.
As a fact, we believe that students play a major role in protecting, conserving and sustaining the natural environment. Their ideas, concepts and approaches help in achieving our motive. Thereby, we are doing an awareness workshop "Roof Top Gardening" with aim to encourage people to grow plants in there own balconies and roof
We wish to come together
to create a world where environment doesn’t need protection.we request your presence to bring the change .

Thanking you for your time,
Street Cause Eforce.
//Street Cause Registration No: 169/2009, www.streetcause.org www.facebook.com/streetcause, streetcause@gmail.com
Street Cause Eforce
together, not only to protect the environment
to create a world where environment doesn’t need protection.

If you’re interested or if you require more information please contact:
Thanking you for your time,
Street Cause Eforce