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PataChitra: Folklore & Painting
Sat Mar 3, 10:30 AM
Lamakaan Programming Team
Patachitra - An ancient Folk Art of story, song renditioning with the help of paintings - an audio visual art by Paschim Bangla's National awardee Ranjit (Bahar) Chitrakar and his group Jorana.

Patachitra - called Patam Katha in South is an ancient folk art mentioned in the Puranas and other early literature.

Patachitra, an ancient folk art , is appreciated by art lovers all over the world for its effortless style of drawings, colours, lines and space usage.

The word Patta in Sanskrit means a strip of cloth. The artists are called Patuas. Patuas do not just paint, they also sing as they unfurl the painting scroll to show it to the audience. These songs in Bengali are known as Pater Gaan. The songs are of wide variety ranging from traditional mythological tales and tribal rituals to stories based on modern Indian history and contemporary issues like protecting forests and public health. Patuas generally use natural colours, which they procure from various trees, leaves, flowers and clays.

The stories this evening are told by a generation of storytellers Bahar, Siraj and Sirajadullah.

They will narrate stories of Ramayan, Krishnaleela, Chandimangal, Manasamangal with the help of crawings done by themselves.

All are welcome. Entry - Free.