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Blood Donation camp 4 Thalasemia
Sun Mar 25, 11:00 AM
Shaik Irfan
Tears of mother cannot save a life but your blood can be a DONOR a chosen 1.. HUMANITY FOUNDATION: Foundation started to help the poor, the needy with all the passions to make their life a fruitful one, like blood donation, food, clothing, helping them to earn their living, nurturing their life by grooming them to be self-employed i.e, training them skills like stitching etc. humanity foundation organizing an event :Blood Donation camp when you give blood you give another chance to laugh, hug, party, celebrate the moments of BEING ALIVE!!! Thalassemia: A disease in which blood cannot produce adequate amount of hemoglobin. In normal body where Red Blood Cells survive for 120 days in this disease the survival span of Red Blood Cells is decreased and they die rapidly. Survival of these Red Blood Cells depends upon blood transfusion and costly medicines In our country this Disease has become very common and the term Thalassemia denotes Beta Thalassemia you don't need to be a doctor to save life, be a donor serving a NOBLE CAUSE