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Bird trapper or Beggar
Sat Feb 10, 7:30 PM
Lamakaan Programming Team, Vanaja & Vinod Raja
Sikkidre Shikari, Ildidre Bhikari (Bird trapper or Beggar)a film by Vinod Raja Film screening followed by discussion with the Director.
Do come and bring your friends along. ENTRY FREE and OPEN TO ALL!!!
SHORT SYNOPSIS- “If I trap a prey I am a Hunter, if not I remain a beggar!” They are a free spirited nomadic tribe who began their journey many generations ago in the North Western part of the Indian subcontinent. Over time they traveled through and settled in different states of the country.
As they moved, they survived through trapping birds and hunting small game in the forests and selling them in cities and towns along with lucky charms and trinkets. If the trap failed, begging was the next best bet!
The film emerged through a series of community conversations held when we travelled with friends from a settlement in Bannerghatta, Bangalore to other settlements across Karnataka.
Exiled from the forest, reviled by the city, their traditional ways of life outlawed, the Hakki Pikkis share their stories of wit and survival.
Duration of the film is 78 minutes