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Israel: Farming Injustice
Tue Mar 6, 7:00 PM
Farming Injustice - The impact of Israeli agro-tech in Telangana and Palestine.

Since the 90s Israeli corporations are involved in Telangana’s agriculture. Starting from the Kuppam project in the 90s to the so-called Centers of Excellence to be set up under the Indo-Israeli agricultural project and the recently announced trips for over 1000 agricultural state officials to Israel, ostensibly for training purposes, dozens of crores of public money fund Israeli projects in the state.

This dialogue with farmers from Palestine and Telangana wants to look at the impact of these state sponsored projects on farmers in the state and the Palestinian suffering from Israel’s agricultural policies, central to their dispossession and colonisation. It will relate experiences of struggle against Israel’s corporate takeover of agriculture in other regions of the world.