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Blood Donation Camp
Sat Feb 23, 10:30 AM
Rotary Club of Hyderabad - Sarath Babu Rayaprolu
Blood is the most precious gift that anyone can give to another person — the gift of life. A decision to donate your blood can save a life or even several if your blood is separated into its components — red cells, platelets and plasma — which can be used individually for patients with specific conditions. Donating blood is an active way of helping others and the whole of society. Donating blood is a lifesaving act. By donating blood you can save lives.

Keeping the above noble gesture in mind on the occasion of Rotary Formation Day, Rotary Club of Hyderabad and Twin Cities Rotary Club proposes to conduct a Mega Blood Donation Camp in association with the Indian Red Cross Hyderabad. It is proposed to conduct the camp in 15-20 places across the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad on the 23rd of February 2019.

The blood collected during the camp will be utilised by Indian Red Cross Hyderabad for the Thalassemia patients and other needy patients.