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Economic crisis:effectsandcauses
Sat Aug 31, 6:30 PM
In Defense of Reason
It has been around a decade since the global economy plunged into crisis. The intensity of this crisis has deepened and it has expanded in this duration. It has impacted the lives and livelihoods of billions of people around the world in an unprecedented manner.

Now, after a decade of recession, the global economic crisis is deepening even further and developing countries like India are moving towards acute recession. Everyday, we hear the news of huge layoffs in auto sector and service sector, debt crisis in banking sector, closing down of big corporate companies, privatization of PSU's, diminishing sales of capital as well as consumer goods etc. All these will result in huge job losses, growing social insecurity and further widening of income disparity. Even big business owners have started showing concern about this precarious condition of the economy.

Make no mistake, this crisis is not just the usual dip in the business cycle, rather it’s systemic in nature. This crisis has yet again proved Karl Marx’s prognosis that capitalism is inherently crisis ridden system.

In order to properly understand the nature of this crisis, ‘In Defense of Reason’ is organizing a talk and a discussion.

We invite one and all to this important discussion.

Entry is free !