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Agaaz-e-Baatcheet 2019
Tue Nov 12, 12:00 PM
Rubaroo is a youth development organization based in Hyderabad that works towards creating inclusive and empowering “safe-spaces” for both adolescents and youth to develop leadership skills while working towards contemporary issues around them. In its attempt, Agaaz-e-Baatcheet – a call to ‘initiate a conversation’ on interfaith is a community cohesion program being organized by Rubaroo and supported by the British Deputy High Commission, Hyderabad. It lays a platform for young people to introspect and interpret the underlying message of different faiths and embrace diversity by breaking through identities and stereotypes. Over the past three years, the program has successfully groomed more than 175 youth champions who have gone onto work in different spheres of social change.
The Dialogue Project, an outcome of the Agaaz-e-Baatcheet alumni who have teamed up with other US State Dept. Alumni for an ambitious venture in Hyderabad, the cultural hub of South India that envisions to work with the mind-set of individuals by initiating a dialogue through community cohesion.
Team Dialogue envisions to execute this action project by engaging in dialogue with the audience and designated guests including people from different minority religious communities (by
population), genders, races, and castes. We also launch "The Dialogue Project" officially by inviting
applications and encouraging people to dive deeper into dialoguing.