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A Deccan Tongue Talk by Karthik
Wed Jul 27, 5:30 PM
Lamakaan & Yunus Lasania
Talk on 'A Deccan Tongue: Dakhni's role in Deccan history by Karthik

One of the Deccan's major languages, Dakhni has long suffered from cultural apathy and institutional neglect. Today evening, we'll look at the numerous cultural and political forces that shaped Dakhni, what its rich classical literature can tell us about the medieval Deccan and its linguistic rootedness in the region.

About Karthik: Karthik Malli is an independent researcher and writer whose work focuses on the intersection of language, history, and identity in the Deccan and India's southwest coast. Karthik is currently working on a book on the evolution of the Dakhni language.