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Kali salwar and akhri patta
Sat Aug 27, 8:00 PM
Darpan theatre
Kali salwar is the story of Sultana a prostitute from a small town in Lahore who travels to Delhi to make her fortune in the big city. However there is a twist-This story unlike others is not one of the pain and suffering females in this profession face, but one of the hope and wants of a female, regardless of her profession. It is a innocent perspective of reverence towards one’s strongest beliefs and a heart warming learning- that what one truly desires one can achieve sometimes in the worst of circumstances and in mysterious ways

Aakhri Patta -
The bittersweet story involves two young female artists Johnsy and Sue and an older male artist, Behrman. Johnsy, who suffers from a severe case of pneumonia loses her will to live. She becomes convinced that her fate is connected to that of some leaves on an ivy vine and believes that she will die when the last leaf falls from the old ivy vine opposite her window.

Sue's friendship and sincerity strengthen her determination to help Johnsy get better even when she loses every single hope of becoming well.

Her neighbour, Behrman, an elderly artist, who for many years, speaks about painting a masterpiece, but is unable to do so becomes a saviour. He secretly risks his own life and provides the ultimate gift to Johnsy - The gift of life.

Highlighting the importance of hope and willpower, Aakhri Patta, shows what friendship is all about and is a beautiful story about love, hope, art, and sacrifice by the master storyteller O. Henry

Adapted and directed by Mubeen Khan