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Sat Aug 27, 8:00 PM
Kissago Theatre
A story of a Don, who started as a Garbage Picker and became one of the most dangerous Dons. He has had a fascination for Mafias ever since he gained consciousness and has made sure that he lived a life like them and thus named himself and his dear ones accordingly.

The story revolves around the Don-Kaliyano and his daughters who are poles apart from each other but the love amongst them cannot be weighed.
A group of Gangsters visits them as guests and one of the members get attracted to the Don's daughter and a marriage is planned. On the other hand, the other member falls in love with the other daughter but, is it going to be just that?
When there is Mafia there is Gangwar!!!

There is going to be drama, melodrama, romance, action and much more.

We are bringing Bollywood on Stage and you must witness it!!!