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All the world’s a stage
Tue Sep 20, 7:30 PM
“All the world’s a stage” – busker tribe is making an effort to create a symphony of all our unheard street side soundscape. Two folk artists joining their hands to author a blissful busking session.

Parvindar Singh is bringing his nature inspired meditative music to the event. His soulful journey is expressed in a calm-mystic melody accompanied with notes from Handpan. His music seeks to introspect and heal the inner self through diffusion of music beyond boundaries.

Soham Pal draws his influence from the ‘Baul’ culture, the spiritual notes from nomadic pastoral land of 'Radh Bengal'; an age-old busking practice. His dotara picking skills and soulful composition have landed him in the in the voyage of self-discovery by embracing the traditional and native music forms of India.