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Let's talk NFTs (2nd Batch)
Sat Oct 22, 3:30 PM
Amarnath Sandipamu
After the encouraging response to the first round of Let’s Talk NFTs, we are coming with the second. The idea is to stir conversations around Web3 and Blockchain ecosystems - especially for artists, filmmakers, curators and any independent professional or groups, The NFT Soup is organising the second batch. Read a short report on the first talk here: https://thenftsoup.substack.com/p/kindling-the-very-many-use-cases

What’s the talk about?
Non Fungible Tokens. Or simply NFTs.

You must have heard these words buzzing through the COVID lock-downs. Couple of other words too: Crypto and Bitcoin?

What’s common between all of these? And most importantly, how’s it going to change the field of art, art practices, artistic expressions and the world at large. That’s where NFTs come into picture.

Come let’s ponder over the possibilities of decentralisation that promises to revoutionalise the way humans are going to interact with each other in the near future.

As someone who’s entire artistic journey has been centered around the sense of being independent, seeking maximum control on his works, Amar stumbled upon blockchain technology that gradually made him understand NFTs and the power of web3 ecosystem. He sees a great potential in it for artists, curators and any independent professional or group. Through his talk he aims to kindle a discussion and build a community by sharing his knowledge and making others connect.
Entry is free. Seats limited to 25. Registering through google form must: https://forms.gle/pjNdm98pezT9gWrWA. Shortlisted forms will receive an invite.

Speaker details:
Amar is an independent documentary filmmaker from Hyderabad who has been actively engaging with Lamakaan giving talks, curating screenings and showing his films since its inception. More about him can be found at www.amars.in.

PS: The talk is not about crypto markets or aimed at investment enthusiasts.