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Has India accepted GenderEqality
Sat Nov 26, 11:00 AM
Kyasa Kavya
Has India truly accepted gender equality ?

Transgender has been an integral part of Indian history. Transgender has been mentioned in Indian mythology, myths, Ramayana, Mahabharata etc. Who does not know the story of Shakuni in Mahabharata? It is also a well-known fact about Arjuna that he had to lose his masculinity for some time due to the curse of a woman. But as far as equal rights of Transgender are concerned, there is no such mention in Modern Indian history till the recent past. Transgender is still taboo, but changing times have also witnessed various other developments. Now we hear much news through News Paper and Television Channels that Transgender is fighting for an election. Even at the municipal level, Transgender is also elected. It’s a good sign for their future, but are they being accepted in society in the same way as other citizens?

Through this panel discussion by eminent speakers we tend to spread awareness and address issues or any questions faced by the audience related to other gender