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My Caste & Being the Other
Thu Dec 15, 7:00 PM
Two documentary films screening.

1. My Caste
Dir: Amudhan R.P.; 78 min; Tamil with English subtitles; 2019

Synopsis :
When did I experience caste for the first time in my life?
What have I gained or lost because of my caste identity?
How do I handle my caste? Do I hide? Do I celebrate? Do I reject it? How aware am I?
Can I introspect? How true can I be?

As various opinions of unconnected people are juxtaposed against the historical localities in which the manifestation of caste can be seen and felt, audiences to are encouraged to take an inward journey.

Director's Statement :
'My Caste' is the second film of my trilogy on Hegemony and Consensus. The series of films attempt to discuss the presence or absence of the expected checks and balances in a society that can potentially enable or neutralize the shackles of hegemony. Who dominates? Who facilitates? Who creates the consensus? And how is it sustained?

The first film of the trilogy, which was made in the year 2016, was 'Dollar City' which focused on the garment industry in Tiruppur in Tamilnadu, where millions of workers toil in thousands of hosiery units that manufacture export materials for distant markets of Europe and North America.

The idea is to take the argument beyond oppressor and victim discourse and to problematize the concept of consensus.

2. Being the Other
Dir : Amudhan R.P.; 22 min; Hindi, English; 2022; Documentary

Synopsis: When your identity is questioned suddenly, where do you find solace?