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Koodiyattam and Mohiniyattam
Thu Jan 26, 7:00 PM
Moham Attakalari
Moham attakalari will organize a Koodiyattam and experimental Mohiniyattam performance. Koodiyattam is the most ancient form of Sanskrit theatre that has been in practice in Kerala. A team of artists trained in Koodiyattam from Kerala Kalamandalam, among whom, two are faculty in the Fine and Performing Arts Department of GITAM University will present an abbrieviated performance of Jatayu Vadham.
The experimental Mohiniyattam performance, Panchaali- simhika Samvaadam, is a situation taken from the Kathakali attakatha Keechakavadham. The artist, Mythili will present two characters, Panchaali and the Demoness, Simhika. The performance is inspired by the technique of Kathakali.