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Dhuli Kanya Dushala
Fri Apr 14, 8:00 PM
The epic Mahabharat written since time immemorial has been told and retold. Even today verses from it are quoted for spiritual and other references. But while many of its primarily male characters are worshipped and celebrated, one woman was buried long ago in the epic mythology's pages.
While her mother Gandhari chose to blind herself from the world, her only daughter Dushala's identity, aspirations and concerns were forcefully muted for she was born after a 100 Kaurav brothers and lived merely as a shadow.
Even after many yugas, Dushala, the disregarded daughter is born and reborn, looking restlessly for her identity, her individuality. Was there more to her than being the only daughter born in the 'Kuruvansh' of Hastinapur, the only sister of Kauravas and Pandavas, the wife of King Jayadrath and mother of Prince Surath? Sutradhar's First Bengali Production.