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Dibbadesam Daataka
Sat Mar 18, 8:00 PM
bhoomika theatre group
*Bhoomika Theater Group Presents*
*“Dibbadesam Daataka”*
*A Telugu play adaptation based on Badal Sircar’s famous Bengali play ‘Hattamalar Oparey’*
*Directed by : Uday Bhanu G, Founder, Bhoomika*
Two thieves Seenayya and Veerayya, while trying to loot a zamindar’s house are chased by the villagers and jump into a river to escape. They are washed ashore on a strange land where there is no concept of money. As they walk around and interact with the villagers, they realize that many things they had accepted as facts of their own life, no longer hold true. Is such a life possible? What are the things that really matter to us?
Using folk and music elements, watch Bhoomika’s artistes unravel the life of another possible world!