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What're you waiting for? Avatari
Sat Feb 4, 8:00 PM
Hyderabad Urban Lab
"Yaatri gan Kripya dhyan dein!

Agyatpuram ki taraf jaane waali train no XYXX ‘Trans-Kamala Express’ platform no 2024 par jald hi aane waali hai. Aapse Agrah hai ki apne samaan ka dhyaan rakhein aur platform par hi baithe rahein

Passengers please pay attention! The train to Agyatpuram, XYXX ‘Trans-Kamala Express’ is soon going to arrive at platform No. 2024. You are requested to please take care of your belonginings and please remain seated at the platform."

Oh you too have come! Yes, please join me. Hum tho kab se baithe huye hain yahan pe. Sorry, angrezi mein- I have been waiting over here god knows since when. This mardoot train doesn’t arrive only. What train are you here for? Trans-Twitter express? Or Trans-hot-shot-start-up express? Ki Trans-nirbharta express?

Arre, I know all the trains that pass through this station, haan! You see, waiting is like second skin to me- there is so much you absorb while waiting! Have you also waited for something for a long time- not knowing when to abandon that wait? weight? When to just be? or when to just run away from it all and do something else altogether- may be as a distraction? May be as a life-long thing?

Who knows? Sab ka apna kissa hai…Everyone has a story to tell…nahin ji?

So come! and don’t worry, this will not be a heavy dard bhari daastan - some meetha dard only. Come!

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