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Sun Feb 26, 7:00 PM
Patruni Chidananda Sastry
The Navarasas are the nine expressions that humans show. these emotions are a part and parcel of any human being but also These are the nine emotions that are known to evoke an audience during an experience of art performance.

We all go through all of these emotions at various points of our lives. We all at some point experience the feeling of love, surprise, anger, sadness, fear, courage, aversion and peace.

as we feel these rasas, the way we emote comes from the places of privilege,space and time. for a queer community, the way we see these navarasa are far more different from a cis hetero lense.

As Drag an artfrom which evokes rasa(emotion) to its audience, its never seen as a nuaced way of expressing them. to bridge the diversity of drag and its performers, on how one can emote with art, the Navarasa in drag musicals is presented.

here there are 9 drag artists, performing the 9 navarasas, and traversing through the idea of queer politics, queer fears, queer love and the universe under a rainbow.