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Dance & Dialogue
Thu Mar 16, 7:30 PM
'Dance & Dialogue' is a special performance by Haleem Khan and his team, breaking the conventions around art traditions of dance forms.

About the event: In this interactive session, Haleem Khan and his team will engage the audience with performance and expressions that can complement to create a unique and powerful experience of Kuchipudi.

Kuchipudi is a classical Indian dance form that originated in Andhra Pradesh in southern India. It is believed to have been developed by the Bhakti movement saints in the 17th century, who used dance to express their devotion to Lord Krishna.

The dance form is characterized by its intricate footwork, graceful movements, and emotive expressions. It is performed with a combination of dance, music, and storytelling and often portrays stories from Hindu mythology and folklore.

Kuchipudi dance is known for its unique movement style, which includes swift and sharp footwork, intricate hand gestures, and fluid body movements. It also involves using facial expressions to convey emotions and the performance's narrative.

About Haleem Khan: Haleem Khan is an Indian Kuchipudi dancer, performer, and movie actor, born on 10 April in Ongole of Andhra Pradesh, and presently lives in Hyderabad. Haleem has performed more than 800 dance shows across the world, as well as conducted Kuchipudi workshops overseas. Haleem specializes in Rupanurupam (female impersonation) within Kuchipudi; he is well known for performing Bhama Kalapam and various roles in Annamacharya kirtanas. Hailing from a Muslim family in a small town, Haleem faced many difficulties learning Kuchipudi without his family knowing it. Initially, Haleem performed under the stage name of Hari. His dance, especially the female impersonation, has given him critical acclaim and won him many awards and felicitations. Haleem is passionate about preserving the art and is working on an interactive Kuchipudi dance instruction video.


This event is part of Lamakaan’s 13th Anniversary Celebrations (10th March - 16th March 2023)