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Samahaara Theatre Festival 2023
Fri Mar 31, 8:00 PM
Samahaara Theatre Festival 2023

Day 1

Sunkara Satyanarayana & Vasireddy Bhaskar Rao`s


A Play in Telugu

Directed by Rathna Shekar

MAA BHOOMI written by Sunkara Satyanarayana and Vaasireddy Bhaskar Rao deals with atrocities of the Zamindars and the autocratic rule of the Nizam of Hyderabad. Written in 1947 this political drama gives us a glimpse of life in rural Telangana and how people suffered under the burden of taxation & the exploitation of the Deshmukh’s.

125 groups were formed to perform Maa Bhoomi in 1947 and within a year they had completed thousand performances and around twenty lakh people watched the play. The play was written to support the armed struggle taken up by the peasants all across Telangana. The main targets of attack were the forced grain levy, the practice of veth begar, illegal exaction`s and illegal seizures of land.