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Sun Apr 30, 8:30 PM
Rafia Sultana/ Raffu Chakkar Entertainers
Majdhar is a play where different people who want to cross the river, get on boat but get stuck in middle of a storm. Among them is a journalist "Shruthi" who is chasing a politician's son to get his story, there is a student leader "Lallan" who is a big politician's son with many criminal cases to his credit who comes along with his PA "Adi", who is twisted and corrupt guy. There is also a schoolboy called "Chambi" who is hydrophobic and is bullied by the PA. Jhoomru is the boat driver that is nakhuda. Come and watch "Majdhar", a beautiful story.
The entry for the play is free and is being hosted as a thank you to Lamakaan for everything for the last ten years. All are welcome