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Circular-Sarees & Sustainability
Sat May 6, 10:30 AM
Mrinalini Shastry
Six Yards Plus is a Hyderabad based startup that helps MORE women, MORE sarees, MORE often. We carry sarees from across India, some of them are curated and some are our signature designs. We are women run, work with over 300 artisans from across India, and incorporate sustainability into everything that we do. In our effort to help more women drape more sarees more often, we have created several category first initiatives, focused around sustainability. First, we have a line of preloved sarees called Dobara. Launched last year, Dobara has been instrumental in saving close to 3 L litres of water by increasing longevity of sarees and finding loving new homes for sarees. Second, our initiative SaRevive helps give a second lease of life to sarees in your wardrobe. We reinvent them with printing, painting and traditional craft techniques to help you preserve and use sarees for a longer period of time. Third, Antara, our upcycling studio helps you transform your sarees into functional home decor/frameables to increase their longevity, and to help you have them as a part of your life 😊 Finally, Sareetonin is our donation initiative where we incentivise clients to donate sarees which they no longer use. All of these initiatives have received a very positive response from our customers, and we have been able to add to the circular economy thereby impacting clients, climate and communities. So far, we have been running these initiatives from our website, on WhatsApp and in person at our store in Sagar Society. This April marks one year of these initiatives and we would like to celebrate this with an event to increase awareness about the initiatives and encourage sustainable, mindful consumption. On 6 May, Saturday, therefore, we would like to hold a series of discussions and workshops focused on sustainable consumption. In addition, we would like to put up and exhibition cum sale of preloved sarees as well as discuss revival of sarees. We believe that the Lamakaan space represents an approach that encourages slow and mindful consumption and would be the perfect for the event we have in mind.