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Victoria Zenana Hospital
Fri May 12, 5:00 PM
The Imminent Demolition of Victoria Zenana Hospital Why should we care? What can we do?

Convener: Sajjad Shahid

There have been multiple news reports in recent weeks alerting us to the likely demolition of Victoria Zenana Hospital, located on the premises of the High Court of Telangana. The media coverage has helped create awareness about the hospital's historical and cultural significance, leading to public concern about its possible demolition.
The hospital was constructed during the reign of the 6th Nizam, H.H. Nawab Mir Mahbub Ali Khan Bahadur. It holds a special place in the history of the city and the memories of its residents. Sadly, neglecting or intentionally destroying heritage buildings like this threatens to erase these memories.
The media is the most powerful force that we have as a democracy to influence public opinion and hold authority to account. We have come together as concerned citizens to provide background information and perspective to the media on this issue and outline some possibilities for further action on the part of citizens.