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Disom – The Leadership School
Tue May 30, 5:00 PM
Disom – The Leadership School is an experiment started by Disom Foundation (www.disomfoundation.org) to nurture future ethical servant leaders for public life. Inspired by the Matsushita Institute for Government and Management in Japan, Disom intends to address a critical need in India at this time: selfless leaders, committed to the community and ultimately answerable to their “inner voice”

Disom offers a 15-month full-time programme which is experiential in nature and where the fellows practice
- Listening to each other and to their own inner voices,
- Living with and embracing diversity, and also
- Deep democracy, in its truest sense

Currently, our second batch with 18 fellows is underway since the last eight months. Our fellows are a diverse group, from 9 different states of the country, from different socio- economic backgrounds, with different educational and professional backgrounds, professing different faiths and ideologies.

Our programme involves travelling to different parts of the country, meeting people, seeing things and understanding the pain of communities. All the time, working on one’s own self. So it is as much a journey within as it is without.

We at Disom, are planning an interactive meeting with Shri SK Joshi, former Chief Secretary at Lamakaan on Tuesday, May 30 from 5-7 pm to discuss about how we can collectively reimagine this new type of leadership that is so required today

Looking forward to an enriching conversation