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YOCS Special Session
Sat Jul 1, 5:00 PM
Young Orators Club of Secunderabad
Climate change impacts different genders differently. It exacerbates existing gender inequalities and disproportionately affects women and marginalized communities.

Kamal Nayak, the founder of the NGO Good Universe, is a UN SDSN Fellow, who has been working at the intersection of climate change, health and gender for the last 6 years. Founding his NGO, Good Universe, in 2015, Kamal advocated sustainable menstruation and created awareness amidst every gender community in the slums of Hyderabad. His vision at Good Universe is to create a free and equal world where women, children and transgender people can lead a dignified and secure life. Kamal aims to chart his social work, simultaneously addressing climate change, sexual reproductive health, and gender, to reach the grassroots level of every state and district of India. He envisions localizing the concept of climate change and how gender plays a crucial role in tackling the issue. With Good Universe, Kamal aims to enable change-makers and advocate the severity of climate change and gender inequalities. Sustainability is the keyword to his work and goals.

Kamal will be joining us to discuss his work and experiences working in the field. All guests are welcome to join the discussion.