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Sutradhar present Ismat-Ek Aurat
Sat Aug 12, 8:00 PM
Ismat Chughtai, was a veritable tour de force of women's writing in India, a woman who was a feminist by instinct, long before it became fashionable to flash the badge of feminism.
She brought to the fore the modernity inherent in the actions of the poorest of rural Indian women as well as the stagnation in the minds of the so called urban elite.
Ruthlessly honest and deeply perceptive, she presented the truth of society and its women in the same nakedness in which she saw them. She wrote with a rare courage, truth and good humour which endear her to everyone who comes across her writings.
The first story, Saas (Mother-in-law), is about a unique saas-bahu pair and adds a new dimension to this perceived notorious relationship.
The second is Chidi Ki Dukki (The Second Card of Clubs) which speaks volumes about how wit and attitude in a woman can be more attractive than the supposed good looks.