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Zaheeruddin Ali Khan Memorial
Tue Aug 22, 7:00 PM
Lamakaan invites you to the Memorial Meeting of Janab Zaheeruddin Ali Khan (1960-2023).

The following persons will speak:
Asghar Ali Khan, Siasat
Kingshuk Nag, Author and Journalist
N. Venugopal Rao, Veekshanam Editor,
Prof. Kodandaram
Azam Khan, Social Activist
Sajaya, Social Activist & Writer
Yunus Yacoob Lasania, Senior Journalist

Zaheeruddin Ali Khan, managing editor of The Siasat Daily, passed away due to cardiac arrest during poet-activist Gaddar’s funeral procession in Alwal on Monday, August 7. He was 63.

More than journalism, Khan was renowned for his philanthropic activities for the welfare and upliftment of marginalized communities nationwide. He also worked to make all political parties accountable and did not hesitate to criticize their ‘wrongdoings.’

As a service to the community, Khan also organized burials of unclaimed bodies of Muslims in Hyderabad.

He would actively work to mobilize help for victims of Hindutva assaults and mob lynchings. Earlier this year, he helped collect funds for the victims' families, including those of Nasir and Junaid, whose bodies were charred inside a vehicle in Haryana’s Bhiwani in February 2023. He also aided the victims of the 2017 Bihar floods and those hit by Tripura violence in 2021.