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Dochevarevarura - Telugu Play
Sat Oct 7, 8:00 PM
Bhoomika Theater Group, Hyderabad
Bhoomika Theatre Group Presents “Dochevarevarura”

A Telugu Adaptation of Nobel Laureate Dario Fo’s popular play ‘Can’t Pay Won’t Pay’*

When: 8PM Sharp, Oct 7, Saturday
Entry: Rs.200/-
Duration: 2 Hrs

About the play:

An extraordinary novel revolt has just happened in the city! It was spontaneous, there was no leader! It was led by common women as inflation spirals and leaves them desperate!

The play explores the hilarious outcomes of the event in the households of two simple middle-class wives –Lakshmi and Lalita.

As they try to conceal their little secret from their husbands, it spirals into new, unexpected, comical and outrageous situations with the police on their trail.

Underlying all the laughter and comedy, Italian playright Dario Fo explores deeper questions of how real change can come about – when common people decide ‘enough is enough’ and come on to the streets.

Ultimately, you ask ‘Who are the real culprits?’ Is it ‘They’ or …?