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Aahatha Sangeetalaya Samooham
Sat Oct 21, 7:00 PM
D Jayasurya
Aahatha Sangeetalayam
Sat Oct 21, 7:30 pm
D Jayasurya
Musical Concert - vocal, violin, Veena, dance, Mridangam and paint

Duddukuri Jayasurua
Venue : LAMAKAAN , banjara hills.
Duration: 2 hours
Description : We will give a concert of 1 hour where everyone irrespective of age, all will enjoy the concert

Free of cost

Aahatha Sangeetalayam : An institute of cultural organisation, where we will teach vocal, violin, Veena, dance, Mridangam and paint here.

Objective of Aahatha Sangeetalayam:
The main objective of Aahatha Sangeetalayam is to promote and pass on the classical music to next generation.
Our institution encourages people to learn music which glorifies the life and allow people to nourish the beauty of music.