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Cane and Rattan workshop
Sun Dec 3, 10:30 AM
Krew Nine
Name of the Organisation:
*Krew Nine*

Title of the Workshop:
*Hands-on experience: Cane and Rattan Workshop*

Duration of the Workshop:
*2.5 hrs*

*Cane and Rattan webbing Kit provided by the Team*

1. Sketching pads
2. Pencils and pens
3. Glue
4. Malaysian bamboo
5. Rattan webbing cane reed
6. Nails
7. Hammers
8. Pliers
9. Jute thread

*Key Takeaways*

-You'll get to make a decor peice of your own with the material provided by the team KrewNine.

- You can take the finished piece home.

*_About the workshop_*:

The workshop aims to introduce one of the intricate weaving skills to creative enthusiasts. This art has made a graceful comeback in the Interior Design and Furniture world. We'd like to share cane weaving techniques to make your own Eco-Friendly, Inexpensive and Handmade Rattan and Cane decor peices.

Rattan cane webbing is a sustainable and environmentally friendly product as it is made from a renewable resource.Rattan cane webbing is strong and durable, yet surprisingly flexible, making it an ideal material for a variety of applications. Join our workshop to know more about Rattan webbing.

Here's a link of a short video from our previous cane webbing experience.